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Making it happen

Hear inspirational stories, receive uplifting vibes, wellbeing tips and advice to help you find your magic through the power of plants. Ellen Mary will be interviewing exceptional guests and chatting about her own take on living the life you desire. 

From forest bathing to crystal healing and mindful gardening to meditation, follow the podcast (People Plants Wellbeing) on all good podcast platforms.

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Ep 11 - Designing Wellbeing Gardens with Camellia Taylor

Ep 10 - Gardening for Wellbeing and Children with Helen Cross

Ep 9 - Why New Years Resolutions Should Be Composted

Ep 8 - Making Christmas Your Own

Ep7 - Forest Bathing

Ep 6 - The Power of Crystals

Ep 5 - Is Competition Good?

Ep 4 - Finding Awe & Curiosity

Ep 3 - Grief Gardening

Ep 2 - My Story 

Ep 1 - Introduction 

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