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Finding your inner child in the natural world

"I still get wildly enthusiastic about little things... I play with leaves. I skip down the street and run against the wind." - Leo Buscaglia.

Adulting can be tough. From the mundane daily tasks to big life changing decisions, it's easy to forget that letting go, having some fun and allowing your inner child out can be incredibly liberating and even help you find clarity to help in life. This is about what made you happy as a child and allowing yourself to feel that again.

As a child you would run with the wind blowing your hair around, you would perhaps throw your shoes off and get your feet in the sand, instead of walking the pathway you might jump on the log and balance as you walk forwards and laugh out loud. You would see awe and wonder and surprise and curiosity in everything around you.

How to rediscover the child in you:

Get your feet out

Adults tell children to put shoes on to go play in the garden - and yes - often rightly so! Notice how many children don't really want to and they would happily go outside running around on the lawn without shoes. Our feet were made for walking and when they connect with the earth, the natural negative charge from the earth enters our bodies (known as grounding/earthing). But, not just that, when you take your shoes off it can be quite liberating and freeing. Try gardening (safely) with bare feet, or just starting the day off with a cuppa and standing on the lawn. If you are out at the park having a picnic or just relaxing, take your shoes off and let those adult inhibitions go.

Turn over a stone

Remember being in awe and amazement at so many things as a child? We forget how magical the world is and being outside in the natural world is the perfect place to rediscover that feeling. Next time you are in the garden, pick up a stone or brick or log and look underneath it. Life is everywhere, all around you busily keeping the big ball of biodiversity that is earth spinning. Look closely at the millipedes and tiny ants going about their business and remember that it's really quite amazing how each and everyone is alive here at the same time as you.

Dance in the rain

Liberating and fun, just go dance in the rain. It's just water! As an adult you might not want to get your clothes or hair wet but as a child none of that mattered did it? Let it go, let yourself go and feel the rain on your skin. If it's private - yes - you could even dance naked!

Look up at the night sky

The sense of awe and amazement can be found as you look up at the night sky. The stars and moon, the vast space above and beyond. We look down so much - at phones, laptops, cleaning the floor! Look up, breathe deeply, relax your shoulders and feel connected with the universe.

Climb a tree

As an adult, we know falling might hurt or a splinter can be annoying and we forget the freeing feeling of having fun and the challenge of climbing a tree. We even ask children not to climb anymore! Take your chance to safely climb a tree, be in contact with the vibrations of a tree, give it a hug and be proud of yourself for letting your inner child out.

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