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Finding Your Inner Peace

Inner peace is the state of physical and spiritual calm. When you find your inner peace it means you will feel happier and content even when problems arise in your life. It means you will be able to deal with situations better and better connect with your true being.

There are many benefits to finding a balanced state of mind in your life:

  1. Able to better deal with daily life

  2. Increased energy levels

  3. More balanced emotions

  4. Less stress and more positive thoughts

  5. Kindness, compassion and empathy for yourself and others

  6. Clearer judgement in stressful situations

  7. Good sleep quality

  8. Much more!

How to find your inner peace:

1. Spend Time in Nature

Spending time in nature such as walking or gardening can help you to find serenity, time out and peace of mind. Long term exposure to the natural world can help you to feel connected to something much greater, it can shift your perspective, help you both mentally and physically. Humans are nature after all, the same as all living species on the planet so being in connection with the outdoors is essential for inner peace.

2. Meditate

Meditation has many proven benefits for physical and mental health. Spending time meditating can decrease anxiety and even prevent depression. There are many guided meditations available on YouTube or via podcasts. Start wit 10 minutes a day and as you develop your ability to mediate work up to about 45 minutes of mindful meditation each day. Peace and happiness can be found through meditation. Even better if you are able to do this outside in a peaceful, natural setting.

3. Be Grateful

Being grateful for what you have rather than what you lack is an attitude of gratitude. This brings about an inner peace that opens your heart to all of life's blessings and discover your happiness within.

4. Don’t Dwell on the Past

The past cannot be changed and everyone has made mistakes they don't feel good about. If you dwell on them however, that's taking up a great deal of energy that can used in a more positive way. Your past does not define you so to truly find your inner peace, let it go and move on.

6. Loving Yourself First

Learning to love yourself means practicing self care for your overall physical, mental and spiritual self. Eating healthy food, exercising, socialising, reading - all the good stuff that makes you feel your best self is an act of self love.

There are many more ways to find your inner peace. We will be exploring all of these, especially nature immersion on our wellbeing retreats. Join us on the first of 2023 - Wild Wellbeing - where you will forest bathe, relax under the stars, eat plant based food and take some time for your self care. Find more info HERE.


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