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Mental Health Awareness Week 2023

Anxiety is the focus during mental health awareness week this year. So many different things can lead to feelings of anxiety. It's a completely normal emotion, but sometimes it can get out of control. Knowing a few techniques which can really help to ease anxiety will help to ensure anxiety doesn't take over your life.

We've put together some tips below of how nature can help you to ease anxiety from gardening to observing, earthing to forest bathing. Plus there's some very exciting news about wellbeing days and the next wild wellbeing retreat.

Being outside in a natural environment can promote calmness and peace of heart, bathing under the trees can help with focus, concentration and just 20 minutes in nature could hugely reduce stress hormones in your body. Breathing and walking with the rhythms of nature can ease fears, upset, depression and bring your body into balance.

If you are feeling anxious go for a walk, if that’s not possible take a seat by a window and watch the movement of the trees or the clouds in the sky. Perhaps listen to bird song and focus on your breath.

Bring your attention to your breath, breathing in through your nose, holding for a few seconds at the top and breathing out through your mouth while letting go of anything negative that no longer serves you. Even better if you can do it sitting outside in a quiet space, with your feet on the earth. You’ll feel connected to the big beautiful planet we live on, the bird song may ease your mind, you’ll receive the natural negative charge from the earth and help to bring yourself into balance and ease your anxiety.

If you feel anxious or any feeling of unease, reach out to your person. Talking about anxiety helps and if you can do that while walking out in nature, surrounded by greenery, trees, plants - you may feel your blood pressure lower and your mood lift.

Gardening brings you into the moment and helps you focus on the present. It’s a way to clear your mind, ease stress, depression and anxiety. By being present and enjoying the now, any fears for the future will ease because now is what’s important and being grateful for the moment is a joy.

If you get anxious, look at the colour green. It’s the colour of nature which we know is soothing for us & even indoors the colour green can calm the mind. Some scientists think the colour is actually hardwired into our brain because early humans knew that if they found an area of green it meant there would be food, shelter & water.Spending time in green spaces & looking at pictures of green nature has been found to reduce stress, calm nerves & improve focus.If you feel anxiety creeping in, try to surround yourself with the green of nature outside or inside & remember to breathe.

Latest Podcast Episode

In the latest podcast episode, Ellen Mary chats about anxiety & provides tips for dealing with it through the power of nature. From the garden to the canopy of the trees, get some advice on how to manage times when you feel overwhelmed. Listen HERE.


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