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Mind, body and soul in balance

Have you ever felt so upset that you felt physically sick? Or perhaps you've been in awe of something that brought tears in your eyes as you felt a spiritual connection with the natural world? These type of experiences are mind, body and soul connections.

Bringing these three aspects together into balance is the most wonderful way to live in harmony and health with yourself and the world. It's about understanding and accepting yourself as a whole person, where every aspect links together.

Keeping your mind healthy will help you to stay focused and engaged. It's both the conscious and subconscious aspect of your being.

A healthy body will keep you active and physically well. This is your physical self.

Having a healthy should will mean you will be fulfilled and content. It's the essence of yourself.

How to nourish your mind, body and soul


Show gratitude and appreciation by keeping a gratitude journal. Write in it either morning or night. It can change your mindset about what you do have to be grateful for.


Each day allow yourself some time to rest your mind with some meditation. It can seem difficult to start with but keep trying, because meditation can be one of the best ways to find a mind, body and soul connection.


Allow your body to regenerate by getting enough sleep. If you struggle with sleep, there are many ways to help you to get enough. Many of which are on this list!


Connecting with the earth is essential for wellbeing and can even help to reduce inflammation. Connect by walking bare foot on the grass and breathe in deeply.


Nourish yourself with good, healthy food. The more plants the better to provide yourself with good brain food, antioxidants and all of the good stuff.


Find your passion and live it.

There are so many more ways to nourish your whole being. Keep a check on this blog for more ideas in the future.


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