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Helping you find your magic

Most of what we do here is linked to plants & nature, because we know how connecting with the natural world can help us find a true sense of positive wellbeing. Along with encouraging you look deep within nature to find your true self, we support the many & various ways to improve wellbeing. 

You'll find we are keen on meditation, manifestation, reiki & all things spiritual along with forest bathing, botanical art & simple acts of gardening. 

Not only will you find inspirational blogs from contributors & experts but also wellness webinars, one to one wellbeing coaching sessions, wellbeing retreats & events along with services to help with corporate wellbeing policies - all with nature at the core.  

​There are also links to hand picked products that can help with your wellbeing.

If you need to find your magic, look out for your employees wellbeing or fancy getting away from it all for a few days, get in touch & be guided through your career, relationships, health & any aspect of your life you need some guidance on. 

Keep up to date with sessions coming up, new events, wellbeing tips & advice by signing up for the monthly newsletter here & following @peopleplantswellbeing on Instagram.


Check out our podcast where you can hear from experts, get tips to help your wellbeing & anything that host, Ellen Mary, feels will help you find your magic. 

​Make it happen.

Ellen Mary (PPW Creator)

(you can find out more about me HERE)

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