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I am an integrative wellness coach and combine healing modalities to help you find your magic and live your best life.

With a holistic approach to wellness I can help you to live your best life through a mix of services from wellness coaching to reiki, hypnotherapy, NLP to meditation and forest bathing walks. All of these can be on an individual, group or corporate basis - the more people who can immerse in nature for good wellbeing, the better for people and the planet.


 Some sessions are held inside, others can be at a distance (via zoom) and

often outside in a natural environment. Myself and the team work across the UK and USA. 


People Plants Wellbeing also run Wild Wellbeing Retreats and Wellness Days where you can find time to relax and rejuvenate as you immerse yourself in the most wonderful woodland setting. Think bathing under the stars in an outdoor bath, waking up to the sounds of the forest, healing your mind, body and soul, bat watching, massage, mindfulness and plant based food. 


If you would like some wellness guidance or if you just feel like something is 'off' let me help you to find your balance and magic to live your best life. We will work together to make that happen. 

Master Reiki Practitioner ~ Certified Hypnotherapist ~ CBT ~ NLP ~ Wellness Coaching

Forest Bathing Guide ~ Mindful Gardening Coach ~ Energy Worker ~ Intuitive Reader 

Integrative wellness is for everyone who wants to pursue their dreams.

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