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How Gardening Can Help Mental Health With Gemma Willis

There are many benefits for mind, body and soul when you spend time in nature and get your hands dirty in the garden. The benefits have been noted as physical mainly - hand dexterity, muscle movement and general all round exercise. More recently, research has shown how gardening can also help to lower blood pressure, increase heart health and much more. Not only that but coming into contact can even make you feel happier! These benefits have been known to humans for many years but have been lost amongst the modern world we live in. Thankfully they are being pushed up the agenda and into practice slowly but surely. Gardening and nature therapy are even being socially prescribed by some enlightened Doctors and gardening has become more and more popular since 2020.

On the latest podcast episode, hear from Gemma Willis who for the first time is talking openly about her mental health issues, the subsequent joy of gardening and how it has helped her. Gemma came along to the 2023 Wild Wellbeing Retreat and has truly transformed her life since then. She has been through a lot and has taken this opportunity to talk about her struggles after giving birth with the hope it will mean more women will know they are not alone and to ask for help. Being in the garden has allowed Gemma to connect with nature and her children - it's a must listen. If you are suffering from any mental health issues it's really important to reach out to a friend, family member or a healthcare provider. Just know that nature is there to help you also.

Connect with Gemma on Instagram @littlegreengem_ and support her by dropping her a DM to let her know you've listened.

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