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Try These Rituals During The Full Moon in Gemini

It’s the full moon, a time of releasing what no longer serves you, endings and renewals 🌚🙏🏻 Tonights moon is called the Beaver Moon - named by Native Americans as the time of the year when beavers are more active as the moon guides them to get their hibernation spaces ready 🦫

This full moon is entering Gemini and you may already be feeling there are good things ahead of you but before they come it’s important to reflect on where you’ve been, what you’ve encountered and how you’ve felt during this past year. Everything that starts to come your way during this cycle, think about the outcome and what it means carefully before moving forward. Good things are coming!

Here are some full moon rituals which you should do within the three days 27th - 29th November:

~ sit with your thoughts, meditate surrounded by candles & your crystals. Imagine what you want your life to look like as though you are already living it. You want that top job? Visualise you in that role - what do you wear, how do you speak/walk/talk. Feel it. Same for anything you want to call in.

~ write down what you want to release. Anything that no longer serves you write it down & then fold the paper away from you. As though you are releasing the words away towards the full moon. Let the moon take what you don’t need away from you. Safely burn the paper, or rip it into tiny pieces and throw it away. Let it all go!

~ cleanse your home. Use sage, incense or palo santo to rid any negative energies & start afresh. I like to do this with a window slightly ajar that faces the moon, allowing the smoke to take the energy out of the window towards the moon. As you come to the end of your session, call in love, abundance, health, wealth - anything you wish to bring into your life.

~ place your crystals outside to cleanse & charge in the moonlight. Along with a sealed cup of water. This moon water can be sipped whenever you feel like you need to let go of anything that no longer serves you during this lunar cycle.

~ dance and sing like no one is watching! Put your favourite music on and release any negative energy, bringing in fun & good times.

- get a great nights sleep :-)

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