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What is forest bathing?

Do you ever walk amongst trees? Do you take the time to go for a woodland walk?

Forest bathing isn't about braving the weather in your bikini, it's about fully immersing in the natural world and allow the forest to heal you. It's all about walking with the intention to aid health and wellbeing.

Did you know Japan has the highest life expectancy? I've been reading a book called Ikigai (pronounced eee-kee-guy I think) all about the Japanese secret to a long and happy life. There are numerous elements, not least the ability to focus deeply on a task at hand (mindfulness in daily practice) but also the active outdoor lifestyle which includes gardening and the ability to connect with nature.

Forest bathing was initially a concept from Japan which has more recently been picked up across the world. It totally makes sense but sometimes, in our busy lives we forget that our intrinsic link to wellbeing is in the natural world because ultimately we ARE nature.

So, forest bathing is the practice of taking a stroll in a forest for health benefits and studies have measured stress hormones in people who regularly walk in forests in Japan along with other health indicators. On top of this, its been discovered that those with diabetes who do not have to use insulin noticed a decrease in blood glucose levels. It reduces stress, can improve focus, boosts your immune system, improves sleep and much more.

A totally natural feel good factor!

If you go to a forest, don't speed on through, or check your phone. Just take a walk and breath in the air, engage your senses and feel the magic of trees. Its about relaxing rather than accomplishing and your blood pressure should drop due to the natural oils from the trees in the air.

Ellen Mary chats with Faith Douglas about forest bathing, breath work and all thing nature connection on the People Plants Wellbeing podcast.

Take a guided forest bathing walk with us and find out so much more about healing through nature, the benefits of being in connection with trees, how to deeply engage your senses during a walk, find some magic and much more. Dates and sites are constantly updated, so keep a check on this page HERE.


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