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What is Reiki?

Have you heard of Reiki and wondering what it is? Many people ask me what Reiki actually is and how can it possibly work, not just in person but also at a distance. How can energy transcend space and time - doesn’t that sound so ‘out there’?! It really isn’t at all when you get to the bottom of what ‘Rei’ meaning universal life and ‘Ki’ meaning energy in Japanese actually means.

Reiki isn’t associated with any religion or practice. There is no massage, talking therapy or belief system. It is subtle energy being channelled through your practitioner to you. This is life force energy and a certified practitioner has learnt how to do this either at practitioner or master level.

Universal energy flows through all living things - we are all energy - everything is energy. As a Master Reiki Practitioner I am able to help you to connect with your own healing energy inside to help yourself heal. When your ‘ki’ is flowing and strong - your mind, body and soul will be in a positive state meaning you will feel happier and healthier. When this energy is ‘blocked’ you may feel physical or emotional imbalances.

At a Reiki session I will either lay my hands on your body in specific positions or hold my hands over your body allowing life force energy to flow. I may use crystals to amplify the energy flow. Sometimes my practice is in a therapy room and other times outside in a natural environment where nature sounds can play a huge role in relaxing you into a session. I truly believe that being in the magic of the trees or in a garden can amplify the experience. Reiki can help to ease stress, tension, anxiety, help healing on all levels and will mean you feel relaxed with clarity and calm in the following days. You will be laying or seated, calm, safe and in a relaxed state of mind. There will likely be gentle meditative music playing and you may or may not feel any sensations. Reiki energy will be flowing if you feel heat, tinging or nothing at all - even if you fall asleep. In my practice I will also cleanse your aura by sweeping around your body before and after the session.

Distance Reiki can be a leap of faith, because humans like to ‘see’ something to believe it but energy flows where intention goes and distance Reiki means I can channel that energy to you wherever you are in the world. This means you can even receive Reiki energy from the comfort of your own home. We will arrange a date and time, speak before the session and then relax into channelling Reiki energy. At the end I will also give you a one card Oracle reading and any feedback I have for you. It can be a powerful experience.

Everyone can benefit from Reiki, including adults, children and even pets. I am a Master Reiki Practitioner with experience in all of these including Reiki for all humans and animals, crystal healing, hypnotherapy, NLP and wellness coaching. I can provide you with any of these healing modalities individually or together in a wellness coaching package. I work with anyone who needs guidance and I also work a a lot with women who want to feel empowered, gain some clarity and direction at various stages of life from fertility, career, menopause, relationships and their spiritual path.

I am fully insured, certified and accredited and would love to work with you.

Contact me for more info: or go ahead and book your session on the Plans & Pricing page and I will be in contact to arrange a date.


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