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Why Meditating Outside Is So Awesome

Meditation is a practice that offers numerous physical, mental, and emotional benefits, and meditating outdoors can enhance these benefits in several ways:

  • Connection with Nature: Being outside allows you to connect with the natural world, which can be inherently calming and grounding. The sights, sounds, and smells of nature can help you feel more present and connected to the world around you.

  • Fresh Air: Outdoor meditation provides access to fresh air, which can improve oxygen intake, increase alertness, and promote a sense of vitality. The clean, natural air can be invigorating and help clear your mind.

  • Natural Light: Exposure to natural sunlight during outdoor meditation can help regulate your circadian rhythm and improve your mood. Sunlight also stimulates the production of vitamin D, which is important for overall health.

  • Reduced Distractions: While indoor spaces can be filled with distractions, such as technology, clutter, or noise, outdoor environments often offer a quieter and less distracting setting. This can make it easier to focus on your meditation practice.

  • Increased Mindfulness: Meditating outdoors can enhance your sense of mindfulness. You may become more attuned to the changing weather, the rustling of leaves, or the chirping of birds. This heightened awareness can deepen your meditation experience.

  • Variety and Inspiration: Different natural settings, whether it's a beach, a forest, a park, or a mountaintop, can provide unique sensory experiences that can inspire and rejuvenate your practice. The beauty of these environments can also foster feelings of awe and gratitude.

  • Stress Reduction: Spending time in natural settings has been shown to reduce stress levels. Combining meditation with the therapeutic effects of nature can amplify these stress-reduction benefits.

  • Physical Comfort: Outdoor meditation can provide more space and physical comfort. You can choose a comfortable spot to sit or lie down, and you may be less constrained by physical barriers or limited space.

  • Feeling Free: Being outdoors often evokes a sense of freedom and expansiveness. This feeling of openness can enhance the sense of mental freedom and relaxation that meditation aims to achieve.

  • Variety in Practice: Adding outdoor meditation to your routine can add variety to your practice. This change of scenery can prevent boredom and reinvigorate your commitment to meditation.

That's not to say outdoor meditation isn't without some challenges, such as climate, noise, or other distractions. Find a suitable and safe location and adapt your practice as needed to fully enjoy the benefits of outdoor meditation.


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