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5 activities to detox your mind


Listening to your favourite music and whisking your mind away to the notes is a great way to detox the mind. Simply crank up the volume, sit back and relax or...


Dancing like no one is watching is incredibly liberating. Put your favourite music on and get moving to the beat. Not only will you be getting some physical exercise releasing happy endorphins but also your mind will be whisked away from troubles to the dance floor of dreams.


Fresh air and nature can often be all you need to relax your busy mind. Step outside and take a walk in woodland, around the local park, on the beach or if you are short on time, have a meander around your garden or local neighbourhood. Taking yourself away from your desk to absorb yourself in the natural world will help to relax your mind.


There is nothing as therapeutic as sowing seeds or just spending some time in a garden in general. Absorbing the sights and sounds, touching leaves and watching wildlife. Gardening is an age old tonic for the soul and will clear your mind in no time.


Even if you have no creative juices flowing, pick up a paint brush, some paint and paper. Just go with the colours and rhythm in your mind and whatever transpires will be. Just go with the flow and enjoy the moment.


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