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Is Competition Good?

In this weeks podcast episode, Ellen Mary explores the nature of competitiveness. Is it good or bad? Can it be beneficial to people and the planet or is it overall detrimental. Well, you won't be surprised to know - it's all about balance (download the PPW balance episode to find out more about finding your balance).

In an ever competitive world, can you be happy with competition all around you? Does it make you anxious or stressed out to constantly strive towards perfection through competitiveness? Social media has contributed to the rise of competition leading to false perfectionism and anxiety, depression and stress - for some.

So how do we balance good and bad competition? Here's some tips:

Enjoy what you choose to be competitive about:

If you are enjoying a competition, you may perform better because you are focusing on it and putting positive energy into it. If you are not enjoying it, if you feel stressed, anxious or depressed - this is negative competition and something which is not good for you.

Ask, observe, reflect:

Check in with yourself. How do you feel? Ask yourself if what you are doing is making you feel positive emotions and if it is really that important. Is it really that important to grow one more plant to take a better picture for social media to get more followers to beat your 'competitor'? You will find that some things are more important than others. Always check in with yourself to see if any competitive feelings are positive or negative. If you are comparing yourself to others, feeling down about yourself due to competition it's time to reflect and make change.

Personal development:

Competing can be healthy when it's balanced. It can lead to self improvement, reaching goals and desires as long as it isn't making you feel sad. If you focus on your personal development this can be a good way to channel your competitiveness. Remember no one is perfect, and thats completely ok! Being too hard on yourself can lead to perfectionism - and thats for another podcast episode!

Find out more by listening to the latest podcast episode HERE.


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